Underground City, Cappadocia



This is one the amazing nature crafted by the Creator. Our group was led to see the Underground City. This was built during the Roman period. Why i said amazing. The Underground City has been recorded in the Turkish history that its people could crafted the crenite hard stone under the ground into so called city. It was huge comprising kitchen, living room, countless bedrooms. Its depth was more than 4 meters and it covered many kilometers. Why they buit this city, the guide elaborated that in those period, the Roman troop came to conquer this area. The local people used their local wisdom in using their possible mrans to dig out into the stone to avoid and hide the enermy. You know that in those times, there was no digging technology especially in tunnering the hard stone underground. We spent almost an hour there. At certain part, it was hardly breath because it was so narrow and deep. Luckily we had an electronic light to lead us through the tunnel. What about in peroid of hundred of thousand years ago. How could they make their life there?


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