Life on the go



We left from Istanbul to Pamukkale by coach with internet access and it is very furnished. My time on the bus is a happy one. I can sleep nicely the whole night and the same time i can chat to my family and read some information about Turkey. We left from the station at 9 pm and we are expected to arrive the destination by 7.30 am. You see that my life is on the move.

Now the temperature is 12 degree which is pretry cold.


You see these houses on the way to Pamukkale. The thing i can observe is that all houses have panels form generating electricity on the roof or solar cell panel. Actually, Turkey is not in the tropical zone. It means it has limited sun exposure but the people need it. Looking back the situation in Thailand we have enormous heat from the sun all year round. The question is why Thai does not promote using the sun themal panels like this. To my experience, i could this pratice in China as well. Sun heat is unlimited resources and free from Allah. Why dont we use it effectively? I want to know the answer. Thai government imports petrol and gas from abroad and we pay higher rate for this infrastructure. I have heard many times about we should use alternative energy. Energy from the sun is one of the most sustainable resources. Come on Thailand.


Now we arrive the destination, Pamukkale. I will stop this message here and i will come later.



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