Arrival at Istanbul – Turkey





My flight from Doha to Istanbul by Qatar Airways took 4.30 hours. The airport was a bit crowded as they were many arrival passangers. The local time was 8 pm (4 hours behind Thai time).

We took an airport link rail to an interchange, Otoga. Our group leader, ajarn Muhammad Rafee, bought a bus ticket to Pamukkale costed 65 Lira (Turkish currency). It’s a good coach with airconditioner. Upon our arrival the was pouring down.


Our journey life has just started from here. We spent the whole night on this bus.

Now we are on the bus to Pamukkale. I dont know what will be like waiting in the future. I try to detail what i see along the way to Pamukkale. I havent known that there is an internet connection on the bus. Wow… is it cool? Tonight i can surf the Internet. Now it is 9.30 pm local time of Istanbul.


This is the touch screen tv and internet on the bus. Tonight i am supposed to sleep because i am so tired from the long journey. I dont know i can make it or not as i am on the screen.


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