The power of positive thinking

As i mentioned in the previous message, five of us in a group 11 encountered a problem in flight connection from Doha to Istanbul.





This problem could happen when we travel. Some of us were frustrated at the beginning and didn’t understand why this situation happened to me. “Why me” question should not be asked because if we keep asking this we may not reach to the exact answer. If so, the question remains unanswered. We get stuck into the problem. In many cases, some problems beyond our control. This is a uncontrollable environment. If we want to overcome it, we will never arrive to that point. We keep ourselves in the circle of suffering but we can do nothing. You can imagine how bad our feeling is.

If we cannot change the environment, but we don’t want our life in trouble and we need a happy life. The most important is that we have to change our mindset or mentality. The idea is that is we cannot change others we have to change ourselves instead. Life is not forever on earth. Life is so limited. Why we have to be sad and get mad with uncontrollable environment. In my case today, if i change my mindset. I got stuck in Doha airport today, i could do some other things.

1. I was invited to Qatar Priviledge Club which is not every Qatar passanger can walk into this exclusive room. Here i could eat all provided food like Business class passangers, even i am only a economic passanger.

2. I could be reimbursed by the airline 250 USD so i could spend this budget for my personal needs. If i was not here, of course, i could not get this money.

3. I have time to write at least two messages in my blog expressing my ideas and sharing my experience of my journey. Without this delay, i could not be able to write this blog.

4. Six hours are enormous time for me to utilize my time by reading a novel i brought from home. Its title is “Princess”


The list here is only soome benefits from my positive thinking. I could see the beauty and power of positive thinking. That’s why i want to encourage my dear fellows who come across reading this message to adopt these advantages of thinking positively.

Doha International Airport


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