KLIA – Doha (Qatar)

Here at KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport is my second stop after i flew from Hat Yai by Air Asia. By the way, in this trip there are 11 people altogether.

I arrived at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) in Subang, outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. After i went through the immigration of Malaysia at the airport, we had to move to KLIA in Shah Alam by taking a shuttle bus, Air Liner, which costed 2.5 Malaysian Ringgit. The bus took us for only 20 minutes the we took a break by having lunch at 4 pm Malaysian time or 3 pm Thai time. I had Yomyam Kai with rice, only 6.80 Ringgit. It was nice but, of course, Tomyam in Thailand is much more better. Oh! Both LCCT and KLIA can be accessed to wifi freely. Thank for this service that i could enjoy my personal time chatting and lining with my family and friends in Thailand.

The thing is our connecting flight is at 4 am by Qatar airways. You can not imagine how boring we were at the airport for more than 10 hours. Luckily we came as a group of 11 so that we could spend our time chatting nonsense.

I was thinking about MH 370 the national carrier of Malaysia that was missing last month. Until now it remains mistery, no one knows except the Almighty Allah. After the walked to the praying room in the airport, i saw the sign board filling with all grief words to this flight as you can see here.



We have to say condolence words to those in that flight. I understand the feelings of relatives and friends of the passangers and cabin crew. No one does not want this tragedy happen but in some cases things are beyond our control and decision.

KLIA is rather small compared to Suvannaphumi airport of Thailand but the architecture and interior design are nice as i show its photos here.







At last, we could board a plane Qatar airways at 3 am from KLIA. You can imagine how we laid over at the airport almost 12 hous.

Once i boarded i just slept right away due to my fatiqueness from today’s activity at the airport. We spent about 6 hours flying from KL to Doha. I was awaken for breakfask by the flight attendant. The meal was pretty good with drinks. Doha is a crowded airport. We were fetched by Cobus from the plane to the transfer terminal. I think that this Doha airport seems to be small as there are so many passangers in and out. Once we arrived to the terminal we were asked to get another boarding from Doha to Istanbu. Actually, the Qatar officer should have given us two boarding passes, one from KL to Doha and from Doha to Istanbul, but the officer did not give us the second one due to unknown reason. The result was there was no single seat for Istanbut, said the Qatar staff. We were frustrated why. What should we do next? The staff said “your flight is at 2 pm,  no seat for the 6.50 flight”. It meant we had to hang out at Qatar airport for another 6 hours with no our faults. Luckily one our group members negotiated with the staff that we could bear the consequence but we had to be paid something in return. Alhamdulliah, the staff allowed us to enter into the Qatar Privilege Club for free. Here is the room.



Moreover, we were paid 250 USD from the airline. The lesson leant from this was that we needed to negotiate aggressively with the airlines if we faced the same problem next time.

In this room, i could eat all food served on the counter like Business class passangers. Oh.. not 11 of us could not get the boarding pass, only 5 of us. The rest could fly as scheduled. What about our luggages? The staff said they would accompany us. During the trip like this we should think positively and enjoy life.

I am writing this message in the Qatar Privilege Club in Doha.


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