Singapore’s 21st Century Teaching Strategies

Education in present day plays an important role to promote and strengthen sustainable development of human resource. Recently, Thailand is ranked its educational standard almost at the lowest of ASEAN countries. It was shocked to all Thais especially those who are concerned with education like you and me. Why Thai education is so. Actually, there are many factors influencing on the educational system. One of them is the learning and teaching strategies. I think Thai students teachers and students rely heavily on remembrance, less critical thinking. How to engage students with the lessons.

If you watch this clip from Singapore, this small island has gone so far in adopting innovation for educational purpose. Suitable technology is being used for learning not only in the class but also outside classroom. From my personal observation, our students, and even young kids at primary schools, are using social media application like Facebook, Tweeter, and others. Mostly our students use Facebook for recreational purpose. Why don’t we take this technology for our learning? I agree with the this idea from Singapore. Learners will be fun and enjoyable while they are engaging with the social media. Knowledge should be taken place only in the classroom. It should take place at any time and any time. One more thing we might consider is that getting knowledge should be transmitted by the teachers only. It is only one way interaction. Why don’t we hold discussions where two ways of communication may occur. Teachers should not be an absolute figure who knows everything. Students are also not a blank sheet. Learners have some experiences and prior knowledge before coming to our class. Sharing and discussing as well as adopting suitable technology are ideals for this 21st century teaching strategies as mentioned by this clip.

My question is that how we can make a paradigm shift on from teacher centered teaching to learners centeredness. Even we may meet many hindering problems lying ahead, but I do believe that we should gradually change it.





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