Primary school kids can not read



The heading of a Thai newspapar shown above might trigger you some thoughts and ideas about Thai education. It is quite surprised knowing that our primary 3 students can’t read Thai.  I think this is the average of Thai students. Why has Thai education stepped back? What are the major causes? How can we deal with this challenge? and many other questions are in our minds.

It is even worse, I believe, if we look at the Deep South of Thailand where the violent has been erupted for almost a decade. Schools and educational personnel have been directly affected from the bombings, shootings, and firings as almost a daily basis. Schools are sometime closed because the teachers are threatened by the “unknown group”. Some course contents are skipped out. Some qualified teachers have moved out from the area. Activities outside classrooms are neglected due to the instability of the situation. Students are victims of this situation. I have talked to some high school teachers the Deep South, they say even students at Matayom 4 or grade 10 can’t read Thai properly. What about writing skill? I think it is one step ahead of reading. What about their critical thinking? What about English ability? The same teacher kept saying that students know nothing about English even they are in grade 10.

This problem should not be relied on only some individual. We should work together and shoulder together to seek the possible means to solve the problem. I believe that our strong commitment and determination we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, Insha Allah.




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