coming back after almost a year of absence

Actually there are many things I want to share my experience as my first intention in creating this blog. However, due to my work load serving as a Deputy Dean for four years, writing or sharing my experiences seemed to be difficult. I don’t want to make an excuse for my absence here. I really miss this blog. Anyway, my term of serving the administration post will be terminated within next two week, by 31 December 2013. I think I will have more time to be spent on writing and sharing what I have learned so far within last four years. I just keep telling myself that I have to sit down and “just do it” whatever I may have dreamed to do.  I always believe that if I am passionate in something, such as reading, do gardening, I believe we can make it without any tension. To be honest, I will come to visit my blog more often right after this.

Last week a number of my colleagues from Social Science Department, HUSO, PSU, and I went to Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Gong Badak campus, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia for presenting and participating in the International Management Conference 2013 (IMaC 2013) hosted by UniSZA. It was scheduled on December 14-15, 2013. There were 13 papers from HUSO. I really admire the collaboration between PSU and UniSZA. The MOU has been signed on November 11, 2011 (or 11.11.11) there is a series of activities introduced by these two institutions. I am really happy to be take part in initiating this academic collaboration. I enjoy seeing this relationships that have been tied up for the sake our next generation to yield.



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