International Conference on Political Science, Public Administration and Peace Studies in ASEAN


On September 6-7, 2012, PSU hosted an international conference on political science, public administration, and peace studies in ASEAN at the International Convention Hall of PSU Hat Yai. The keynote speakers were prominent former prime ministers of Thailand and Malaysia, Mr.Abhisit Vejjajiva and Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad. Of course, there were many scholars both from local and international. Many papers presented on those two days were interesting, especially those are related to the problem of the southern Thailand.

I was invited by Assistant Professor Bussabong, Director of the Institute for Peace Studies at Hat Yai campus to be the master of ceremony. I was so excited  before starting the session. You should know why because I had to speak in front of the former prime ministers of both countries. Both of them are well known by the world, I think. I was in front of the stage for two days. This session teaches me how to speak in public properly. I know that it was not easy to speak in the public, but I still believe in the saying “Practice makes perfect.”

I felt more matured once the event finished. From now on, I should tell myself that anxiety should not haunt me. I have to be stronger, Insha Allah.

Bordin Waelateh




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