Enhancing speaking skill though “News Update” Activity

One of my teaching classes this semester is English for International Student Program. The course outline describes that I have to teach four skills of English. It is not easy to balance all four skills into one semester, especially writing and speaking are time consuming.

In order to promote students’ speaking ability, I employ News Update activity. Before I start teaching every hour, I assign one or two students to present any news learned from the Internet or newspaper. The most important thing is that the student has to study the news carefully and understand it nicely. When he or she has present in front of the class, the spoken language with easy vocabulary as well as natural way of presenting are required. The students try to digest the news then use the easy language with their classmates. I think this activity is quite good now. Students enjoy with it because I can see their active participation. Before the presenter leaves the stage, he or she has to raise some questions to check their friends’ understanding.

However, this activity may take sometime and it shortens the teaching time. Besides the students can improve their speaking skill, they also can update the latest news from the oral presentation from their friends in every contact hour.


Bordin Waelateh


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