My teacher from Oklahoma came to meet her students in Hat Yai

Once I finished my degree from Oklahoma State University in 2009, it seems that I am disconnected with the university where I graduated from until I met one of my teachers, Prof. Dr. Kathleen Kelsey. She came to Thailand under the Fulbright Grant teaching at Naresuan University in Pitsanulok. When she finished her teaching responsibility there, she came down to Hat Yai meeting her students on July 24-30, 2012. We, as alumni of OSU, hosted a dinner to honor her at Winstar Hotel, Hat Yai. It reminded me the atmosphere when I was in Oklahoma.

Prof. Dr. Kathleen Kelsey, sitting on the right, is an expert in agricultural education, especially in educational evaluation. I remembered I took one course with her on Educational Evaluation. I like her teaching approach as she employed online teaching as well as face-to-face approach. She is my idol in terms of teaching strategies. I dream to imitate her teaching advocates with my students. Moreover, almost every semester she invited Thai students to have a BBQ party at her house.

During the dinner time, I asked her permission to conduct a research together. You may guess, what her answer was. She welcomed my proposal and I was so happy with her kindness. I tell myself that I have to draft a research proposal as soon as possible and then send it to her. Dr. Kathleen, I love you, my dear teacher.

Bordin Waelateh



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