balik kampong (going back home)


After almost three months that I haven’t visited home of my mother in law in Ai Satia, Chok Ai Rong, Narathiwat, today my family and I drove home back home as it is said in Malay language “Balik Kampong.”

It took almost two hours drive to the area. There are lots of check points all along the way. Fortunately, we were not asked or interviewed by the military. To me, it seems to be okay with this situation because we are familiar with it, especially during the last eight years. However, if you are  new comer to this area, you may think that it is quite strange why there are so many check points.

We made a feast by slaughtering a goat (3,500 baht). My mother in law asked her neighbor to cook and do all kind of food from early morning until 3 p.m. Normally, we invite our neighbor to our home for breaking fast but this year we just packed all food into plastic bags then we distributed to those who need, especially our neighbor who are poor. I spent for almost an hour to distribute the packed food to those who are in the list. I feel very happy that I could do good things. You can imagine every time if I hand a packed food to a needy family, they were happy and you could see smiles on their face. I am so happy and realize that giving is caring.

In the evening I could enjoy breaking fast with my wife’s family. I also had an opportunity to lead a ‘Taraweeh’ prayer (praying at the night time in Ramada) for all my family members.

Bordin Waelateh


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