Life is a Journey

Before lunch time today, I had a chance to meet with a professor from Ummul Qura University, Saudi Arabia. He went up to our English department seeking for Muslim brothers in the department. I got a phone call from the department head and asked to meet him. Actually, it was my pleasure to meet him. His name is Ya’coob (I am sorry I forget his last name).

After we introduced to each other, we discussed on several things on our life. Life span of human being is so short and limited. We are created by Allah to this world as a temporary shelter before we go to meet Him. Because of the currency of daily work and the moving of our society, it could be make us forget our major goal of life.  Time will never go back. Every life on this earth has its own way to walk. We dedicate most of our time for work. I come to the office at 8.30 and go back home after 4.30, and sometimes I work until late evening. Sometimes I forget what is the ultimate goal of life, why was I created? My hair is getting white. There are wrangles on my face. Dating years back I was a little child, but now I am a father of one daughter. In the next few years, I will be a grandfather. This is the journey of our life. Mr. Ya’coob just gave me an example that our life is short like we are waiting for flight going somewhere. We should be ready to be called onboard. We are at the airport for a short while. Laying over at the airport for a few hours before we are announced to board on a plane. If I remind myself every single minute I will be aware and alert what I am doing.

Even our discussion was about half an hour, but it reminded me that I have to be careful and cautious with my life. I have to always think that WHY AM I CREATED, FOR WHAT PURPOSE, WHAT THE MISSIONS ARE ON THIS EARTH.

After discussing, we went to prayer Zhuhri together at PSU mosque, next to Humanities and Social Sciences building. Thank you Mr. Ya’coob, my brother from Saudi Arabia for waking me up.

Bordin Waelateh


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