My beloved mom

I have been shared this clip by Ajarn Suraiya Sulaiman, one of my colleagues who is accomplishing her Ph.D. at International Islamic University Malaysia. I want to give the credit to her too. I watched the clip twice today and every time I watched it recalled me when I was at the younger ages. I could see the eternal love from a mother toward her child, regardless how old her child is.

The world is moving fast nowadays, the economic constraint makes me work even harder to generate money, to get promoted from the boss or whatever reasons might be. I am more focused on what I am doing in our daily work. In the morning I drive to the office, and drive back in the evening, sometimes in late evening because of the workload. Most of the time I am not in the position to refuse what it is assigned. I think this situation may happen to most urban people.

At the same time, we leave our parents, especially our mother at home in the village. Let her struggle for her life with less attention from her children working in big cities. Actually, my mom’s house is about 17 kms far. I am supposed to go back home and meet her at least once every two weeks. In reality, it takes me a month or even longer to go back home due to my workload.  Is this a god reason? I don’t think that it is a sound reason. I was crying when I watched the clip, just it reminds me when the last time I hug my mom was. I should hug her while she is alive, while her body is warm enough to embrace. Now my mom is in Saudi Arabia for her Umrah. Once she comes back, I will hug her, InshaAllah.

Next month is the National Mother’s Day, August 12. At least it may be a wake up call to hug mother.

I also want to share the clip to you all. It may extend some good feelings between you and your mom.

Enjoy watching krup.

Bordin Waelateh

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