To my students

The exam is about to start tomorrow. Are you ready for that? I think all of you have your own answer depending on how serious you are reading. Life is a journey and every journey must have the exact destination and purpose. Ask you self why you choose to come here. Have you set your destination and where to go and what to do next? Until now you have to answer these questions. Life is also short. We are given limited time on this earth. Life span varies from one person to another. Please utilize your time wisely. To all my students, you must be prepared for the exam. In many times, life is not easy to deal. If you think of your parents, you will realize that how difficult and hard they are in generating income to send you here on campus where you study in conditioning rooms. You can wear white and clean uniform to college while some of your parents wear the same clothe for weeks. They are happy to maintain such life as long as they can see their children have a promising future. Please take your time to study hard. It is not only for your parents, but ultimately for yourself. Next few days we are in the mood of the National Mother’s Day. I believe that every single minute of your mom’s life is you all. She dreams to see your bright future. Ask you, have you dreamed about your bright future? or you just spend your life with no directions. I have been talking to many fourth year students, most of them confessed that they did not spend their university life wisely. If they have drive a time machine to go back to their past, they will, of course, study even harder than they did. Our life has only “D” mode gear, meaning that we have to drive ahead, no time to return back. Every single minute we spend, it means it was a part of your life. The opportunity is in your hand. If you work hard, you may know what the consequences. On the other hand, if you are lazy to read or don’t like to study hard, you should realize the consequences as well. Again, I want to give you a moral support for your next exam. Studying hard never kills anybody, but if you don’t read it may kill your bright future.


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