Today four of us, led by dean Awang, Aj. Asming, aj. Mansoor and I, went to United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) which is located in Al-Ain, about two hours drive from Dubai. We rented a car from Dubai managed by Mr. Faysol, PSU HUSO alumni in Arabic major working in Thai Trade Department in Dubai. The highway from Dubai to Al-Ain is very fantastic with six lanes and not so many cars. We arrived at UAEU at about 11 am which is the time of our meeting with the dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Mohamed Al-baili. This university has two different campuses; one for male and the other one for female. The campus we arrived was for females.

The issues we discussed there was on academic collaboration in Arabic on the followings.

1. UAEU HUSO agreed to host our Arabic faculty members to further their Ph.D. education. We were thinking that Ajarn Mansoor or ajarn Prasert may apply for this degree. Tuition fee is not high compared to some other countries However, we can refer the rate of tuition fees and housing through the Internet.

2. Student exchange is the other possible collaboration. UAEU mentioned 3,000 USD including tuition fees, housing and personal expenses for four months.(I am not really sure whether our student can afford this)

3. Staff exchange was also brought into the table of discussion today. PSU opens its hands to welcome Arabic faculty members to Thailand.

4. UAEU will send teaching materials on Arabic to PSU.

The discussion today was fruitful and meaningful to both institutions. However, once I go back to PSU I have to discuss this issue with Arabic section seriously and try my best to materialize the above projects.

Submitted from Suhacity hotel, Dubai
22 April 2012




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