Meeting with Prof. Henning Glaser from German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)

November 30, 2011


Meeting with Prof. Henning Glaser from German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)


Yesterday I had a good opportunity to be able to meet a prominent scholar working on Southeast Asia at CPG of Thammasat University. The matter of fact is that Dr.Saranya Boonnag, a new researcher hired by HUSO, invited her sister who is working in Germany, Khun Sansani Boonnag, to help HUSO in connecting with scholars from Europe. Fortunately, Khun Sansani has a good connection with CPG at Thammasat University and she also invited Prof. Henning Glaser, one of the CPG members, to come to the south and discuss with relevant people seeking any possibilities HUSO may have.


We discussed on several matters, but I would like to high light here two important programs.

  1. We were thinking to establish a research center in HUSO led by Dr. Saranya Boonnag. At the beginning we thought that what area or discipline of the research center should focus on. At this meeting we had an executive member from Office of Research and Development, PSU Hat  Yai, together with Vice President Sompong Thongpong attended in the meeting. At the end of the meeting we came up with an idea that HUSO should establish a Research Center (RC) emphasizing on Socio-Economic context in ASEAN. Research works may cover social sciences and economy of ASEAN. Prof. Glaser also introduced the name of RC, like Research Center for Pattani and ASEAN Affairs. Dr. Saranya herself is an economist and she has some connection with some faculty members from HUSO and from PSU Trang and PSU Hat Yai. As ASEAN is our main focus, so this RC needs to respond the needs of the community. However, the real name of RC will be discussed later and Dr. Saranya will fill some required forms and these forms will be considered by the faculty, campus, university, and finally university senate.


  1. In order to support RC mentioned above, HUSO also needs to have post graduate students who play a significant role in operating research of RC. Prof. Glaser shared his idea that post graduate program in ASEAN Studies (or other similar names) should be offered by HUSO the soonest. RC could not be implemented as planned if graduate students are not available and HUSO has no such program right now. However, this is a long process and many people should be involved.


Not only these two initiatives were discussed yesterday, but Prof. Glaser also opened himself available to be of help to HUSO in whatever matters. For example, he suggested HUSO should contact him constantly. If he invites a speaker from abroad to his center at Thammasat for a guest lecture, he may invite him or her to HUSO as well.


German section needs native speakers of German to support the German program. Prof. Glaser promised to seek one and will contact Dr. Pariluck.




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