Put UUM in the World Map: a Lesson We Should Learn From

November 25, 2011

Put UUM in the World Map: a Lesson We Should Learn From

Last three days, I had a chance to visit Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) located in Sintok valley of Kedah state, northern Malaysia, on November 22, 2011, together with Dean Awang and some faculty members from PSU HUSO. To me, I have visited this institution for several times when I was at the International Office of PSU. At that time, we had an activity called SINTANI games. SINTANI is a short word from SINtok and PatTANI. We held a sport competition every year by rotating hosting between UUM and PSU Pattani. However, after the violence erupted in the southern Thailand in 2004, UUM seems to be not happy coming to PSU. So the initiative was inactive until now, even our hearts enjoy with it.

Today I would like to mention UUM campus after I haven’t visited for more than ten years. I could see how nice of its campus environment. This institution pays every corner of its vicinity beautifully. I think you may get impressed its campus once you arrive at the entrance gate. The physical structure of buildings, gardens, and other facilities buildings are decorated nicely and clean. If we compare to our PSU Pattani campus, we are left far behind. I have heard from many staff members of our campus blamed to the mismanagement of the cleanliness. It seems that we haven’t paid much attention to the physical structure of buildings, gardens, and other facilities. Once I heard a foreign teacher who met me last few years, he said I could see the improvement of Pattani town and it is quite clean and better than last fifteen years. On the other hand, the campus of PSU Pattani is the opposite way, the same foreign lecturer said.

UUM also has a hotel and good restaurant. During our lunch time, we were served a nice meal at EDC (I don’t know what it stands for) located in UUM campus. I realized that the restaurant prepared the food professionally with waiters and waitresses who kept filling water in our glasses and other services throughout our lunch time. I felt that I was in a 3 or 4 star hotel, not university. It is amazed how UUM can manage this.

On the way back to PSU Pattani, Dean Awang told me a sentence that he saw while he visited UUM many years ago. He said there is one sentence written on the wall of the Vice Chancellor of UUM. It says “Put UUM in the World Map.” What do you think when you hear that catchy sentence? It really motivates and pushes you to go forward and you also have to try hard to make your beloved institution in the world map.




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