What we learnt from the visit of Prof. Hogen Hyden.

November 24, 2011

What we learnt from the visit of Prof. Hogen Hyden.

I have just left Prof Hogen Hyden a few minutes ago at the hotel and he was heading to Bangkok after his 4-day mission at PSU HUSO. Today’s journal I would like to highlight some points that PSU HUSO has learnt from his visit, even it is a short time visit to PSU campus, from November 21-24, 2011. To me, his visit may shed some lights of our future collaboration with Lund University in Sweden in one way or another.

  1. At the moment, PSU HUSO has a faculty member from Sociology section, Department of Social Sciences, Ajarn Muhammad Rafee-E, who is studying Ph.D. in Sociology of Law which is the only one faculty member in HUSO who will hold a degree in that particular field. Prof. Hogen works so hard to facilitate him as a supervisor. He also visited a Community Justice Center settled in Kuan Noree village, Khok Pho, Pattani. He made some interview with the villagers, village headmen, and the committee of the center. The Community Justice Center located in a village might sound strange to the westerners, especially those who are from Scandinavian countries. To our context, it is very useful in order to mediate any problems may raise in the village. Sometimes legal action by the state may not need to solve minor conflict in the area. Villagers have their own mechanism to settle the problem for centuries. However, this mechanism needs to be explicit and requires a good collaboration among village members, especially if they are among different faiths.
  2. One of his intentions coming to PSU HUSO was that he wanted to talk to those want to study Ph.D. at Lund University, especially in the field of Sociology of Law. Fortunately, Ajarn Alisa Ha-Samoh, who already got a government grant and submitted her proposal to Lund University last summer, came to meet him in my office and they discussed a number of things. I have learnt from their conversation that if you need to go to study abroad, there are a couple of preparations the applicants have to be aware of. First, the competency of knowledge to pursue in that particular field. For example, Ajarn Alisa was interviewed about her background related to Sociology of Law and how that knowledge can be applied to her research proposal. Second, it is about the proposal itself, how solid it is. He asked the research problems for a few times. The applicants have to ensure that he or she understands very well about the problems stated in the proposal. Moreover, it would be good if the applicants can make a hypothesis on what the outcomes may come up at the end. It doesn’t mean the hypothesis must be always right. It can be wrong either, but at least the researcher should have some assumption toward the problems.
  3. Public speaking was made on Wednesday afternoon (November 23) at Ma Prang Room. Prof. Hogen presented general information of Sweden and Swedish cultures which were helpful for our staff members and students. There were about thirty members in the hall and I was so happy because many questions were raised from the audience, especially from students. Many information are new to me and to you, I guess. For example, Swedish government allows its female citizens who deliver a baby to have a maternal leave up to 18 months with full payment from the government. Also, the father can request for paternal leave for another four months. If you are employed, you will get paid for 2 years. Education is free to all Swedish citizen right from kindergarten up Ph.D. level. However, if they need some money for their daily expense, the government has a study loan scheme. You just pay back after two years of employment. All of these are examples of a welfare state. Many basic needs are provided by the state to all its citizen of only nine million nationwide.
  4. Prof. Hogen invited our faculty members to attend and present papers in the International conference on the Normative Anatomy of Society: Relations between Norms and Law in the 21st Century on April 24-25, 2012 at Lund University (http://www.normsconference.com/). This is another platform for our faculty members to present papers in the international conference. We still have time to prepare papers because the due date to submit abstract is February 2012. However, if you need to know some more information, please visit the website mentioned above.

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