Seeking an academic collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia

November 22, 2011


Seeking an academic collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia


PSU HUSO has expanded its wings of having an academic collaboration with a university in the northern region of Malaysia known as Universiti Utara Malaysia or UUM located in Sintok valley which is about twelve kilometers far from the Thai-Malaysian border of Sadao and Bukit Kayu Hitam.


Dean Awang and his team including Dr. Ruth, Asst.Prof. Natchapong, Dr. Anlaya, Aj. Kallya, and myself headed to UUM today (November 22, 2011) to seek for any possible academic collaboration with our neighboring university under a suggestion and guidance from Dr. Kamaruding Abdulsomad, a professor from Gothenburg University, Sweden, and a visiting professor at UUM. In this trip Prof. Dr. Hogen Hyden, a Swedish professor in Sociology of Law from Lund University and his wife also accompanied us to this northern university of UUM.


We were greeted by Dr. Samihal Khalil, head of Government Department, College of Government, Law, and International Studies (COLGIS). The dean of COLGIS was supposed to meet us, but she had an important meeting with university members, so she could not come to meet our group in the discussion table, but he came to meet our members during lunch time.  Dr. Samihal welcomed our group and introduced her department and COLGIS, then we started discussing on our mutual interest of establishing an academic collaboration between HUSO and COLGIS.


The discussion mainly focused on organizing an international conference co-hosted by COLGIS and HUSO. We all agreed upon the tentative ideas as the following:

–          The theme of the international conference should be on sustainable development and innovation (International Conference on Sustainable Development and Innovation – ICSDI)

–          Subthemes will be discussed by both parties and it is expected to cover a broad range of fields.

–          The conference will be co-hosted by COLGIS and HUSO, also Sunway College in Kuala Lumpur will be a major affiliation.

–          The venue of this academic gathering will be in Kuala Lumpur at Sunway College campus, Malaysia. The hosting of conference may rotate to Thailand in the following years.

–          The discussion agreed to tentatively schedule the conference in March 2013.  Both COLGIS and HUSO may have enough time to prepare.

–          The target participants may include practitioners, academia, policy makers, government sector, industries, and others.

–          A task force committee will be established comprising by members from COLGIS and HUSO.

–          The secretariat office of the conference is COLGIS chaired by Dr. Kamaruding Abdulsomad.

–          In order to get a solid proposal, COLGIS is ready to draft the proposal and send a copy to HUSO for further contribution. The meeting between COLGIS and HUSO will be held again on January 8, 2012 at UUM campus.

–          Once the proposal completes, it will be submitted for further approval by upper levels of both universities.

–          Looking for a financial support from several grant bodies will be conducted by the task force members. They could be Japan Foundation, Asia Foundation, or SEASREP, etc.

–          COLGIS and HUSO agreed to allocate a seed budget to facilitate the conference at the initial stage.



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