A minute of discussion between HUSO and UniSZA, 11 November 2011

A minute of discussion between HUSO and UniSZA, 11 November 2011


Activity 1. The 2nd conference at UniSZA

  • First or second week of October 2012 (before Hari Raya Aidil Adha)
  • Theme:  International Conference on ASEAN Cultures in Modern World  (ICAC-MW) – tbd
  • Papers are open to all, not only UniSZA and PSU, including grad students
  • Important dates
  • Jan 2012 = calls for papers (abstracts)
  • Gentlemen agreement: 8-10 papers from PSU 8-10 from UniSZA
  • July 2012: Full papers
  • Promote the conference asap.

Activity 2. Study Abroad Program – SAP

  • 2 months from March to May 2012 (I: Jun – Oct, II: Nov – Feb) break: Mar – May
  • Credit transferrable
  • At least 3 credits
  • Language courses or ??? (Puan Azizah Endut- Dean of Faculty of Languages and Communications)
  • Payment??? à tuition fee: FREE????
  • Accommodation?? FREE???
  • HUSO needs to visit UniSZA and discuss this topic rigorously before New Year celebration.

Activity 3. International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching

  • 2013: open all foreign languages (German, French, Malay, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, English, Thai)
  • First host: PSU 2013, UniSZA 2015
  • English is a main language for presentations.

Activity 4. English Camp

  • Feb 2012 TESOL diploma  (10 days: 7 days on campus and 3 days outside) time tbd.
  • PSU students can join the camp.
  • Staff are welcome to observe, a part of staff exchange.
  • Participants qualifications: strong command of English, self esteem,
  • Food and lodging are students’ responsibility. (2,000 Baht)
  • 20 students from PSU, 5 staff

Activity 5. Arabic language collaboration

  • Available for PSU staff to further MA. and Ph.D.
  • Arabic Camp???
  • HUSO and FICS to be discussed when PSU visits UniSZA.

Activity 6. Social Works

  • UniSZA (Dept of Social Science) offers Social Works program in 2012.
  • HUSO offers Social Works program in 2012 (Jun will be the first batch).
  • This issue will be discussed before NY.

Deen PSU

November 15, 2011


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